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The Virginia General Assembly web site was originally developed in response to legislative initiative HJR482 (1995), which directed the Department of Information Technology and the Division of Legislative Automated Systems "to develop a prototype for providing access to the Legislative Information System through the Internet". The prototype system was successfully implemented and the results were reported to the General Assembly in House Document 25 (1996). From the prototype's foundation the current production system was re-designed and improved.

Users will find a wide array of legislative information contained at this site. Included is general information about the legislative process and its participants as well as the full text, summaries, status history of bills and resolutions and schedules of activity. Full text searching is also available for the Code of Virginia, Virginia Administrative Code, Bills and Resolutions, and House and Senate Documents. Several legislative agencies provide information about their organizations and topics of interest related to their function. Links to other state legislative information systems on the internet are also available


     Pertains to sailors and coast guard serving on vessels that were operating with in the twelve (12) mile limit during Vietnam. 

     If this pertains to you or someone you know you are hereby advised to submit your VA claim NOW.


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