"Virginia Beach Branch -166 News" 


Branch President

Thomas A. Cecil


               Awaiting Input



Branch Vice-President
Daniel F. Kenney


                    Remember your safety and good health is job one. Follow the basics wash with soap, and hot water. Keep your social distance to not only protect yourself but to also protect others.



Branch Secretary:


                  Awaiting inputs

Branch Treasurer
John R. Westman Jr.


                   I am currently awaiting the results of the Branch Audit. I can report all bill have been paid as of 15 March 2021. Please speak with me in person regarding your request of any information concerning the branch treasurer.



William E. Combs:



Membership News

    These are the times that try men's soul. During this COVID-19 Pandemic Virginia Beach Branch 166 has said Farewell to numerous Shipmates. The branch has said Farewell to eight shipmates since Feb of 2020. Let us stop for a moment stop, smile and reflect on all those wonderful and countless hours we have spent with each one of those we have seen depart on that final voyage.. Now is the time to go all .in for the Branch and Each other. Shipmates I urge each of you to be safe and check on your buddy you still remember that system RIGHT Checked on June reservations for Branch Picnic area to no avail seems as though the word has not been passed on Yes to open or No not yet.




"Congratulations to Our Current Branch Officers"



      The website has been updated as of 4/01/21. Happy Birthday to the Navy's Chief Petty Officers, Just a few words to inform you of the numerous inputs needed to have a successful website. It takes your inputs to make it work therefore I am asking each branch officer to send me an email of the items they would like to talk about. These emails must be received at least five ( 5 ) days prior to the General Assembly Meetings, and they will be read for proper content. Forward all website inputs to: webmaster@fra166.org


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