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Branch President

Sha'ron D Martin


                   I wish to say, "Thank you for placing your trust in me as your president for another year".  I am truely honored to serve as the President of Virginia Beach Br-166, as each of you are aware membership in the Association has and is declining. We need to focus on strengthening our foothold on the region and the Association by working that more to ADD to our numbers, join me in this quest belive me you will find it rewarding.


Sha'ron D. Martin  


Branch Vice-President
Gregory J. Ciaccio


       I wish to say,"Thank you", for placing your trust in me as your Branch Vice-President. I am looking forward to a very challenging year with membership being my top concern. I intend to increase my effort of closing the back door and keeping those currently a member to remain and try to approach those who NPD to return. Your assistance in this undertaking will be greatly appreciated.  


                                                                                                                                                           Shipmate Gregory Ciaccio                                                                                                                                                                                      


Branch Secretary:
PRPEC Ray E. Santee:

National Convention

     The upcoming Fleet Reserve Association's National Convention will be held at the Omini Hotel, San Antiono, TX. There are numerous resoultions to be discussed and voted on by your delegates attending. In order to have your wishes heard you must voice them at this month's General Assembly, be in attendance to vote on the wishes of your Branch.

                                                                                                                                     Ray E. Santee

Branch Treasurer
PRPEC Ray E. Santee:

1.  For a detailed report of the treasurer, contact the branch treasurer. No report will be published on the web site.

2. 2018 budget submitted by BOD was approved by General Assembly.

3. TCC Scholarship awarded.

4. Regional Convention this month make your delegates aware of your wishes.



William E. Combs:

1. Branch By-Laws being revised by special committee.

2. Currently in work.

3. ECRBy-Laws also being revised.

4. Currently in work.

Membership News

        We gained a new member please welcome that shipmate aboard with a warm handshake and a smile.



Virginia Beach Br-166
Newest Member is Welcomed
RVPEC Martin & PRPEC Santee

PRPEC Santee Br-166 Secretary
Presents FRA Lapel Pen
Shipmate DeChaplain 


*** Virginia Beach Branch 166 ***
*****~Life Members~*****


1. Adams, Thomas

2. Agnor, Robert

3. Albright, Anthony

4. Anderson, Robert

5. Anthony, James

6. Bailey, Bill

7. Bartlett, Aurthur

8. Bates, Samuel

9. Bauers, Linda

10. Bennett, Victor

11. Bertelson, Donald

12. Black, Joseph

13. Brady, Walter

14. Brambila, Jose

15. Breese, James

16. Bringman, John

17. Brinsfield, Allen

18. Brown, William

19. Bugtong, James

20. Bullock, Kenny

21. Campbell, Charles

22. Carrop, Ralph

23. Cecil, Thomas

24. Cevora, Llyod

25. Chavez, Enrique

26. Ciaccio, Gregory

27. Clemons, Benjamin

28. **Combs, William

29. Connor, William

30. Curtis, Ronald

31. Davis, Lester

32. Davis George

33.  Denardo, Kenneth

34.  Devenny, John

35.  Diaz, Felipe

36.  Dudley, Steve

37.  Dugo, Mark

38.  Duran, Cecilio

39.  Dyer, Robert

40.  Edgerton, Charles 

41.  Ervin, Larwence

42.  Evans, Clifford

43. Evers, Donald 

44. Evers, Kristen

45. Freeburn, Carman

46. French, Tim

47. Fridley, Scott

48. Garcia, Pedro

49. Gardner, George

50. Golden, Kenneth

51. Goldstein, David

52. Goodall, Kathy

53. Ginn, Michael

54. Hall, John

55. Hammer, Robert

56. ~Hanna, Philip

57. Harrell, Charles

58. Harris, Terry

59. Hermann, Albert

60. Holloway, Fred

61. Holmes, Frank

62. Hood, William

63. Hoover, Robert

64. Horne, William

65. Jarrett, Blaine 

66. Keiger, Edward

67. Kent, Arthur

68. Killingsworth, James

69. Klaverski, Edward

70. Klempin, Keith

71. Lemmon, Trulan

72. Luce, Timothy

73. ~Martin, Sha'ron

74. Mayes, Paul

75. McGlohn, Robin

76. McKenzie, William

77. McMillien, James

78. Meyer, Donald

79. Moore, Donald

80. Montano, Jose

81. Moran, Kim

82. Moyer, Larry

83. Nath, James
84. Newkirk, Alexander
85. Noble, Russell
86. Nootnagel, Fredrick
87. O'Brien, William

88. Offhaus, Russell

89. O'Mailey, Robert

90. Palmer, Luther

91. Parker, Junious

92. Phillips, William

93. Richardt, Timothy

94. Richards, Henry

95. Roberts, Larwence

96. Rodriquez, Ed

97. Rowe, Bobby

98. ~Santee, Ray

99. Savell, Morton

100. Scarborough, Henry

101. Scarborough, Lester

102. Scott, David

103. Seal, Edwin

104. Shaughnessy,Daniel

105. Singson, Filomeno

106. Smith, Ivian

107. Smith, Stephen

108. Stewart, Harry

109. Stump, Frank

110. Suggs, Ralph

111. Taylor, John

112. Taylor, Roy

113. Tompkins, Harold

114. Valodin, George

115. Vitug, Honorato

116. Virata, Dominador

117. Walter, Charles

118. Wallace, Grant

119. Weast, David

120. ~Wendt, Donald

121. Westman, John

122. Wiggins, Theodore

123. Wiggins, Louis

124. Wilkerson, Larry

125. Williams, Avis

126. Williams, Clarence

127. Willingham, Wade

128. Willoughby, Joseph

129. Wilson, Max

130. Winn,Mark

131. Wolven, Danny



Bronze Star

Gold Star

Silver Star


**~**Virginia Beach Branch 166 **~**