By-Laws and Standing Rules
 Virginia Beach Branch 166


"Required reading for all Branch 166 Members"


"It is a requirement that each member of Virginia Beach Branch 166 have access to or possess a hard copy of the Virginia Beach Branch 166 By-laws"


William E. Combs

Virginia Beach Branch 166



To Recommend a Change to the Bylaws 

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**Virginia Beach Branch 166**

Branch Officers:

President - Sha'ron D. Martin
Vice-President - Gregory J. Ciaccio
Secretary - Ray E. Santee PRPEC
Treasurer - Ray E Santee PRPEC
Board of Directors:

Director - PNP William E. Combs
Director - James B. Bugtong Jr.
Director - Terry W. Harris
Director - John R. Westman Jr.
Director - John H. Taylor Sr.
Director - Thomas A. Cecil
Director - Felipe Diaz
Director - Daniel E. Shaughnessy

Appointed Positions: 

Br. Parliamentarian- PNP William E. Combs 
Br. Chaplain - Michael B. Barnes 
Br. Master-at-Arms - Terry W. Harris
Br. Property Manager - Harry R. Stewart

Standing Committees:

(1) Finance and Audit:
     Chairman: PNP William E. Combs** 
      Member: James Bugtong jr.
      Member: Terry W. Harris
      Member: Felipe Diaz

(2) Legislative Services:
     Chairman: John H. Taylor Sr**
     Member: Kenneth E. Golden
     Member: Marcus Leggett
(3) Membership and Retention:
     Chairman: Gregory J. Ciaccio**
     Member: Thomas A. Cecil
(4) Americanism - Patriotism:
     Chairman: John R. Westman Jr.**  

(5) Public Relations:
     Chairman: Daniel Shaughnessy**

(6) Hospital, Welfare,&  Rehabilitation:
     Chairman: Michael B. Barnes**
     Member:  Marcus Leggett
(7) Youth Activities:
      Chairman: Thomas A. Cecil**
      Member: Terry W. Harris

(8) Scholarship Committee:
     Chairman: Daniel Shaughnessy** 
     Member: John H. Taylor Sr.
     Member: John R. Westman Jr.

** - Chairman


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Hospital, Welfare, and Rehabilation

Virginia Beach Br-166

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