"Virginia Beach Br-166 News" 


Branch President

Sha'ron D Martin


      With the holidays behind and the beginning of a new year, Virginia Beach Br-166 is looking forward to an uplifting 2018. Time for a new challenge and the effort to be completing those tasks still pending;

 1. Scholarship Funding

 2. FRA Essay grading and awards

 3. The addition of 2 more board of director members

4. Election of Branch officers

                                              5. Membership awards 

                                              6. Budget

and so many other projects needing the attention of our leadership and membership. I for one feel very blessed to be a piece of this puzzle known as the Fleet Reserve Association, join me in the many challenges we face as a Branch, a Region, and an Organization. Togeather we shall prevail. 

Sha'ron D. Martin  


Branch Vice-President
Gregory J. Ciaccio


                    You're probably tired of these words,"We need Members" however I simply say members is our voice and with a large number we speak loud. I also would like to draw your attention to RETAIN by this we keep what we have while adding more to it. If you can apply an ounce of labor you can reap a pound of food. 


                                                                                                                                                                              Gregory Ciaccio                                                                                                                                                                                      


Branch Secretary:
PRPEC Ray E. Santee:

Many Branch Members nearing a longevity award this year. 

PNP William E. Combs - - - 60 Year

PRPEC Phillip V. Hanna - - 50 Year

Shipmate Anthony Albright - 30 Year

                                                                                                                                     Ray E. Santee

Branch Treasurer
PRPEC Ray E. Santee:

1.  For a detailed report of the treasurer, contact the branch treasurer. No report will be published on the web site.

2. Budget input required to be submitted to Branch Board of Directors 7 Mar 2018



William E. Combs:

1. Roberts Rules of Order the 11th Edition is your latest guide.

Membership News

Shipmate John Westman Jr. has stepped forward to chair the Americanism/Patriotism Committee, Shipmate Tom Cecil has agreed to chair Youth Activities, Shipmate Daniel Shaughnessy will chair Public Relations, and Shipmate Michael Barnes has said YES to chair Hospital, Welfare, and Rehab, we wish to say,"Thank to those shipmates for stepping forward". They will be looking for other members to participate. These committees and reports help the Branch get the recognition needed to carry a loud voice in the Association.   


*** Virginia Beach Branch 166 ***
*****~Life Members~*****


1. Adams, Thomas

2. Albright, Anthony

3. Anderson, Robert

4. Anthony, James

5. Bailey, Bill

6. Bartlett, Aurthur

7. Bates, Samuel

8. Bauers, Linda

9. Bennett, Victor

10. Bertelson, Donald

11. Black, Joseph

12. Brady, Walter

13. Brambila, Jose

14. Breese, James

15. Bringman, John

16. Brinsfield, Allen

17. Brown, William

18. Bugtong, James

19. Bullock, Kenny

20. Campbell, Charles

21. Carrop, Ralph

22. Cecil, Thomas

23. Cevora, Llyod

24. Chavez, Enrique

25. Clemons, Benjamin

26. **Combs, William

27. Connor, William

28. Curtis, Ronald

29. Davis, Lester

30. Davis George

31.  Denardo, Kenneth

32.  Devenny, John

33.  Diaz, Felipe

34.  Dudley, Steve

35.  Dugo, Mark

36.  Duran, Cecilio

37.  Dyer, Robert

38.  Edgerton, Charles 

39.  Ervin, Larwence

40.  Evans, Clifford

41. Evers, Donald

42. Evers, Kristen

43. Freeburn, Carman

44. French, Tim

45. Fridley, Scott

46. Garcia, Pedro

47. Gardner, George

48. Golden, Kenneth

49. Goldstein, David

50. Goodall, Kathy

51. Ginn, Michael

52. Hall, John

53. Hammer, Robert

54. ~Hanna, Philip

55. Harrell, Charles

56. Harris, Terry

57. Hermann, Albert

58. Holloway, Fred

59. Holmes, Frank

60. Hoover, Robert

61. Horne, William

62. Hunt, Earl

63. Kanter, Gerald

64. Keiger, Edward

65. Kent, Arthur

66. Killingsworth, James

67. Klaverski, Edward

68. Klempin, Keith

69. Lemmon, Trulan

70. Luce, Timothy

71. Martin, Sha'ron

72. Mayes, Paul

73. McGlohn, Robin

74. McKenzie, William

75. McMillien, James

76. Meyer, Donald

77. Moore, Donald

78. Moran, Kim

79. Moyer, Larry

80. Nath, James
81. Newkirk, Alexander
82. Noble, Russell
83. Nootnagel, Fredrick
84. O'Brien, William

85. Offhaus, Russell

86. O'Mailey, Robert

87. Palmer, Luther

88. Parker, Junious

89. Phillips, William

90. Richardt, Timothy

91. Richards, Henry

92. Roberts, Larwence

93. Rodriquez, Ed

94. Rowe, Bobby

95. ~Santee, Ray

96. Scarborough, Henry

97. Scarborough, Lester

98. Seal, Edwin

99. Shaughnessy,Daniel

100. Singson, Filomeno

101. Smith, Ivian

102. Smith, Stephen

103. Stewart, Harry

104. Stump, Frank

105. Suggs, Ralph

106. Taylor, John

107. Taylor, Roy

108. Tompkins, Harold

109. Valodin, George

110. Vitug, Honorato

111. Virata, Dominador

112. Walter, Charles

113. Weast, David

114. ~Wendt, Donald

115. Westman, John

116. Wiggins, Theodore

117. Wiggins, Louis

118. Wilkerson, Larry

119. Williams, Avis

120. Williams, Clarence

121. Willingham, Wade

122. Willoughby, Joseph

123. Wilson, Max

124. Winn,Mark




"Branch 166 Member Awards"


"60" Year Pin


This is not an April Fool joke. This April 2018 PNP William E. Combs will receive a 60 year pin for continuous service to the shipmates and a member of the Fleet Reserve Association

Shipmate Combs has served as a member of branches 005, 012, 037, 040, 060, 099, 293, and presently is a member of Virginia Beach Br-166.

He has served as a member of the Board of Directors, Branch Secretary, Branch Vice President, Branch President, Regional Committee member and Chairman, Regional Treasurer, Regional Vice-President and Regional President, National Standing Committees member and Chairman, FRA National Vice President and FRA National President.

During his tenure as FRA President, our current National Headquarters building was acquired and opened for service to the shipmates of the sea services May 1991.  

Shipmate PNP William E Combs we salute you and simply say Bravo Zulu and we are proud you are still serving the members of Virginia Beach Br-166 as a member of the Board of Directors.       


" 50 Year Pin "

           Come May 2018 PRPEC Phillip V. Hanna, will receive a 50 year pin for continuous service to the shipmates and as a member of the Fleet Reserve Association.
           He has served as a member of the Board of Directors, Branch Secretary, Branch Treasurer, Branch Vice-President, Branch President, Regional Committee member and Chairman, Regional Chaplain, Regional Vice-President, Regional President, and Regional Juinor Past.
          Shipmate Hanna  is currently enjoying his retirement and plays an occasional round of golf.         
Congrats from all the members of Virginia Beach Br-166.

~~~Membership Pins~~~


                  If you are due a membership pin contact the Branch Secretary so arrangements can be made for the Branch to Honor your request with a presentation. This will aid in honoring your special wishes.


Bronze Star

Gold Star

Silver Star


**~**Virginia Beach Branch 166 **~**